Music is for Everyone

inspiration-music-2I love music passionately. And because I love it I try to free it from barren traditions that stifle it.”

~ Claude Debussy

Some people feel that music education is a privilege, or only for those of certain talents. I believe that music for everyone because it is essential to being human. Music is good for us, music is a gift, it is a language, it inspires, it excites, and it promotes creativity. I was drawn to music at a young age and I have been teaching this wonderful medium to people of all ages for the past 20 years.

I encourage you whether you are young or old or even somewhere in between to learn this beautiful language and appreciate it for what it truly is, a gift. My name is Mykal Oranges and I am the owner of MyKeys Studio. I teach piano, music theory, music history, composition, and performance to children and adults.

In addition to teaching I am also an accomplished performer and composer. I am
available to compose wedding pieces, jingles, and soundtracks. Please use this site as
your resource to learn more about how you can get involved with music on any level.